EPSC Council Day and Cup Race 2017



Eastern PA Ski Council Race and Day

March 5, 2017


 The Winners 

"A" Trophy Winners -  Main Line Alpha Team




"B" Trophy Winners - Flying Dutchmen Team A



Masters' Trophy Winners  Mack "A" Team




Snowboard Trophy Winners Wissahickon #1




                Fastest Woman                                                             Fastest Man                                                             



    Fastest Master's Woman                         Fastest Master's Man 







     Fastest Snowboard Woman               Fastest Snowboard Man 


                               No Photo Available 



                                           Frank Cressman Award






Winner of the "A" Cup

Main Line Alpha Team with a time of 253.43 

The Team Members were: Meghan Silva, Stacy Kearny, Rick Durofchalk, Jim  Neel, Dave DeCampli, and Dave Moore.

Winner of the "B" Cup

Flying Dutchmen Team with a time of 270.09

The Team Members were: Suzanne Claypoole, Bernie Resch, Dave MacManamara, Mark Mosser and Mark Kilpatrick.

Fastest Woman: Stacy Kearny - Main Line - 66.96

Fastest Man: Bernie Resch - Flying Dutchmen - 60.23

Winner of the Master's Cup

 Mack "A" Team with a time of 272.67

The Team Members were: Sarah Leach, Diane Mazurek, Rick Wiedenhoefer, John Wenniger, Joe Mazurek and David Demko.

Fastest Woman: Sarah Leach - Mack - 73.02

Fastest Man: Tad Van Zoeren - Main Line - 63.50

Winner of the Snowboard Cup

Wissahickon Ski Club with a time of 444.53

The Team Members were:Katie Durrwachter Erno, Marisa Amirian, Andrew Dotzman, Sean Erno, Brian Amirian and John Leach. 

Fastest Woman: Katie Durrwachter Erno - Wissahickon - 124.84

Fastest Man: Patrick Jones - Wissahickon - 90.27

All Nastar awards were given at the end of awards.

North Penn has a photo album on their website of 96 pictures taken during the races at March 5th's council cup day.  So racers from a variety of clubs are in there, if anyone is hoping to find an action photo of themselves.

All they need to do is go to NPSC's website:  www.northpennskiclub.org

Then hit the "Photos" tab along the top of the home page, and then they will see an album entitled "Council Cup Day, March 2017".  Feel free to download, print and/or share!

Here is the rest of the story:

Under 60 Teams

Main Line Bravo - 268.05

Wissahickon #2 - 288.49

Wissahickon #3 - 369.76

Main Line and Upper Bucks - 289.08 DNQ

FDSC and Mack - 297.28 DNQ 

Masters Teams

Main Line Masters - 286.35

Mack "B" Team Wolf - 327.85

Wissahickon Snowboard #2 DNF

Second and Third Women: Meghan Silva - 71.64, Mallery Haas - 73.24

Second and Third Men: Dave Moore - 60.95, Bob Lett Jr. - 61.52

Second and Third Masters' Women: Ellen Reap - 85.58, Kim Jamison - 89.36

Second and Third Masters' Men: Dave Demko - 63.72, Randy Harper - 65.64

Second Snowboard Woman: Marissa Amirian - 215.19

Second and Third Snowboard Men: Todd Doebling - 94.01, John Leach - 104.21

50 Nastar Medals were given out: 4 Platinum, 16 Gold, 18 Silver and 12 Bronze