Lift Ticket Order Forms and Policy 2017-2018

Please do not proceed on this page before you read The Do's and Don'ts since they have changed.

Do's and Don'ts for 2017-2018


Lift Ticket Order Forms

The VirtueMart Online Service Is Now Open and You Can Purchase Your Vouchers with PayPal



If you choose to pick up your vouchers, or call the Ticket Guy you can follow the directions below.

Pocono, New York and New England lift tickets are now available


The Pocono Voucher Prices are in the link below.

  1. Please open the form
  2. This is a writeable PDF but you must have adobe on your computer to fill it in. Adobe is a free download.
  3. Fill in all of the spaces and your order amount
  4. Go to file, and save as a voucher order on your computer
  5. Go to your email and attach the saved file 
  6. Send it to Ken Foster following the directions on the form.


Please note if you open the forms in Edge for Windows 10, you will not be able to type in them. You need to save the form and then right click on it and select open with - choose either Google Chrome or Acrobat Reader. You can fill in the form, save it again and email it to the ticketguy. Sorry for the inconvenience but Edge does not recognize the PDF in writable form. 


Local Voucher Forms


 Return Form for Local Vouchers 


New York and New England Voucher Form


Return Form for NY and NE Vouchers


Vouchers must be ordered using the order form provided here on this site. There is a $1.00 shipping fee.

You will be able to E-Mail your order to the address provided. However, tickets will not be sent until your payment is received. If you choose to mail your order with payment to the address provided, please be sure to include all information required and Print Clearly.

Vouchers are available to Council Club Members only. Some areas may require proof of membership. Please read the order form carefully before ordering. Tickets are marked accordingly, Weekday, Weekday evening, Weekend/Holiday (Junior, Senior, Adult anytime.)

A new and important detail of the voucher program is the additional $7.00 charge for any ticket order of more than $300.00.

Please read the Voucher Return Policy

  • Vouchers are only available for members of affiliated clubs of the Eastern PA Ski Council.  This means every club must have a list of club members on file and keep them updated so the buyer’s identity can be checked.
  • EPSC provides credit for buyers for unused vouchers for Pocono ski areas ONLY. Buyers are given credit, minus a $2 per voucher handling fee for the returns. These credits must be used in the next ski season.
  • The situation is different with regard to New York and New England ski areas. The New York and New England ski areas do not pay cash for unused vouchers. Credits had been issued in the past, however, these ski areas no longer issue credits for any vouchers purchased.
  • The EPSC policy has reluctantly been changed for the current and future ski seasons.
  • New York and New England vouchers are now NON-RETURNABLE.  Whatever discount vouchers you buy for these ski areas MUST be used or their value is LOST.
  • Revised as of 11/21/2017


Eastern PA Ski Council 2017