EPSC History

Portions excerpted from the 50th Anniversary booklets of Pennsylvania Ski Federation & Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council.

The growth in skiing in the years immediately following World War II can be chronicled in many ways.  New ski groups came into existence and new ski clubs were organized.  Consequently, there was a need to bring these clubs together in an organization which could serve the interests of all skiers who pursued their sport in Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1946 as the Pennsylvania Federation of Winter Sports Councils, the name was later changed to Pennsylvania Ski Federation. Within its framework were three councils consisting of federation clubs located in specific geographic areas.  The original councils were the Western, Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.  The Ski Club of Washington DC and the Baltimore Ski Club were included as part of Federation due to their frequent trips to Pennsylvania ski areas.  In the 1950's the Blue Ridge Council was founded by the Ski Club of Washington DC to serve the areas from Washington DC to Pennsylvania.  In the same year Northeast Council was spun off to serve the northeastern part of Pennsylvania from Allentown North.  The Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council includes clubs based in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area which encompassed Southern New Jersey and Northern Delaware.  The Central and Northeastern Councils and the Pennsylvania Ski Federation  were disbanded in the 1980's and 1990's respectively.     

Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council functioned for twenty years using Federations procedural code which provided for a chairman and a secretary initially.  In the 1950's a Vice Chairman and Treasurer were added, and in the 1960's the secretary’s position was split into corresponding and recording positions.

In 1972 Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council recognized the need for incorporation as an entity in the state of Pennsylvania and the current structure was implemented.  This consists of the board of directors with the Elected Officers and Standing Committee Chairmen being voting members. 
The Board of Directors recommends procedures, programs and expenditures which must be voted on by the General Membership.   



EPSC Trophies' History




             Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council has over the years created and presented many trophies.  The earliest and the biggest is the "A" team trophy for the Council Race traditionally held every February or March.  This trophy was created in 1959 and continues to be awarded to the fastest club of Council.  The "B" team trophy was created in 1991 due to the number of clubs who were fielding two racing teams.  The Masters trophy was created in 1989 to recognize racers in the Masters Division (over 60 years of age, and experienced racers). The Snowboard trophy was created in 2012 to recognize the winning club snowboard team The Carnival Challenge Race trophy was created in 1993 when Council began having a Council Carnival involving many of our member clubs.  The Fritz Koenig Merit award is awarded each year to the person or persons who have contributed the most to Council.  Created in 1967 by President Ed Schappell, it was first presented to Fritz Koenig and Jane Sundstrom.  Also, created the same year was the Club of the Year trophy, awarded to the club making the most significant contribution to Council.  The Freestyle trophy was created in 1975, by Council and Air Canada for the Pocono Mountain Freestyle Championships, the regional meet for the Eastern Ski Associations Southeastern Freestyle Region, this was called the Air Canada Cup.  The Sailing trophy was created about 1977 to recognize the club which was consistently the best sailors.  The Skipper of the year was created in 1979.  Trophies were also created for The Snow Queen in 1976 and King created 1987, the Snow Queen was originally started to pick a representative to the annual USSEA convention.  The Newspaper competition with awards going to the best Club Newspaper and the Photography Award for the best picture taken on a club trip were also popular programs.  Council trophies have also been created for the short lived Tennis Program of 1987. The long running Junior Racing program was started in 1968, and many awards were created for that including the logo medallion that is still used today for all Council plaques and keeper trophies.

            In 2011, a new trophy was created as a memorial to Frank C. Cressman Past President, Monday Night  Racing Coordinator, Advertising Manager and many other duties who passed away in October of 2010.  Frank was an avid racer and continued to compete in 2010.  This trophy recognizes the Oldest Fastest Racer over 60 Years of age at the Council Cup Race .  This trophy was suggested by Main Line Ski Club, Frank’s home club, and Council will be pleased to present it every year.