Awards for 2018

At the May General Membership Meeting, the awards from the past season were announced and the hardware was handed out. This year was no different. The team that won the Carnival Race was the Flying Dutchmen Ski Club A with a time of 233.230. The fastest man was Jim Dolan of the FDSC Club with a time of 49.64 and the fastest woman was Polly Newman of the Austin Skiers with a time of 55.70. There was no Council Cup this year due to the weather so we will have to wait with anticpation for next year.

The Club of the Year went to Upper Bucks Ski Club. Upper Bucks, what can one say about this club, they just continue to be very involved in the Council with 4 of their members on the EPSC Board. This is the third year in a row for this club, they are on a streak just like some of our larger clubs in the past.

The Fritz Koenig Award went to Wally Sliwinski. Wally has been the treasurer since 2009- nine years straight. He is reponsible for getting all of the audits back on schedule, no mean feat since audits hadn't been conducted for several years. In addition, one of the first thing resolved was our Tax ID or Employer Identification Number for the IRS which was completed in 2009. Wally's next big challenge other than the lift ticket vouchers was getting EPSC incorporated as a nonprofit social corporation which was acomplished in 2016. That finally finished all of the updating to our non-profit status which had not been done when we originally incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1972. Thank you Wally!

Outgoing President Bob Smith gave three President's Award  to:

Maddi Dondore, outgoing Corresponding Secretary, in appreciation for her work in many of the council duties. Maddi has recieved this award in the past, but now she has one with the new EPSC Logo on it. What can one say about the person who keeps Council running smoothly from Constant Contact notices to webmaster responsibilites and helping keep Ken Foster's lift ticket inventory sheets in order and correct on line. She has also been acting Recording Secretary whenever needed, in addition to being our current Corresponding Secretary. She also volunteers for the PA SnowSports Museum which keeps her very busy. Our Thanks goes to Maddi.

JoAnne Landis, Publications and Recreational Ski Program, for her outstanding work with Snow Drifts over the years and leading the Instructional Program. JoAnne has been involved with Council Clubs as the editor and printer of many newsletters. When she finally agreed to be Council's Editor, the board was delighted. She re-vamped Snow Drifts into its current more compact form and digitized the advertisements for inclusion on the council's website. In addition, JoAnne has for many years been involved in the Monday Night Learn to Ski Program held at Spring Mountain. She stared by helping with registration for Monday nights and now runs the whole program. Her dedication to the Monday Night Program has helped ensure its success for the last several years through rain, snow and multiple cancelations due to weather. Thank you JoAnne. 

Ken Foster, EPSC Ticket Guy, for above and beyond the duties of selling vouchers over the years. Lift Ticket Guy since 1994, Vice President of Council from 2005-2017, and volunteer at all major functions that the council runs, Ken can be counted to attend. In addition to all of the headaches he encounters with the voucher program, the board threw him a curve when we institued PayPal to pay for the tickets as well as cash and checks. He also needed to learn how to keep his inventory on the website in Virtue Mart. His knowledge of the lift ticket program has enabled the council to make changes for a better program. Hats off and thank you to our EPSC Ticket Guy.

The evening was full of surprises for these people as the awards are kept hush hush until the meeting. 

Congratulations are extended to all of the winners of the evening  festivites.

Eastern PA Ski Council 2018